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Thin Skin by Emma Forrest

Everyone thinks Ruby is beautiful except for Ruby, who is so hell-bent on being ugly that she’s driven away the man who loves her, the agent who swears he could have made her a star, and the delectable male costar of her latest project, Mean People Suck. After all, Ruby believes that what’s going on outside should reflect what’s on the inside — and inside she’s a mess. Burned-out at the age of twenty, she’s living alone in a world of hotels and fast food — none of which she keeps down — haunted by the memory of her childhood love, cutting herself, and tempted to repeat her mother’s tragic fate. She needs to find a new way of being….and fast.

Jenis buku: fiksi, novel, impor
Kondisi buku: bekas, cukup baik

Harga BukuMurMer.com: Rp. 25.000,-

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Va Dove Ti Porta Il Cuore

Pergilah Ke Mana Hati Membawamu oleh Susanna Tamaro .

Berdiam dirilah, tetap hening, dan dengarkan hatimu. Lalu, ketika hati itu bicara, beranjaklah,dan pergilah ke mana hati membawamu…

Kondisi buku: bekas, baik (80%)
Harga BukuMurMer.com: Rp. 21.000,-
Harga baru: Rp. 32.000,- (Anda berhemat Rp. 14.000,-)


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Memoar Hadrianus oleh Marguerite Yourcenar

Novel ini membuka wawasan kita tentang jaman kegemilangan kekaisaran Romawi yang pernah menguasai separuh dunia: seluruh Eropa, ke Selatan sampai Afrika, ke Timur sampai Rusia. Kita mungkin belum terlalu mengenalnya, bahkan mungkin sama sekali belum pernah mendengar namanya, padahal ia merupakan salah satu kaisar penting yang telah membuat reformasi politik, sosial dan ekonomi, untuk menyelamatkan negaranya dari kehancuran akibat ekspansi [perluasan wilayah] yang tak ada hentinya. Lewat sentuhan sastrawan Perancis ternama, Marguerite Yourcenar, sosok kaisar Hadrianus ditampilkan kembali “dari dalam” lewat penelusuran teks-teks kuno dan tempat-tempat penting selama dua puluh empat tahun. Sungguh sebuah karya besar yang tidak boleh dilewatkan begitu saja.

Kondisi buku: bekas, seperti baru (90%), disampul plastik

Harga baru: Rp. 55.000,- (Anda berhemat Rp. 20.000,-)

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Playing Away by Adele Parks

Connie has it all and what many wish for meaning perfect husband, successful career and great friends. However, she risks it all for sultry sex with a player at work who seems to want nothing but her body. Bad Connie but a thrilling read! Buy this book if you are happily yet somewhat restlessly married and are asking the question now what. Experience Connie’s affair instead of having one. Save yourself from the agony of cheating as you see how tormented Connie becomes when her so called happy life turns into a self created mess. Can she pull it back together.. I’m not telling..

Kondisi buku: cukup baik, disampul plastik


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White Elephant Dead by Carolyn Hart

When Henny Brawley, organizer of the Broward’s Rock (SC) women’s club annual white elephant sale, goes missing, book store owner and series sleuth Annie Darling quickly begins a search. They find Henny, but unconscious and in the vicinity of a dead body. The new police chief pins the murder on Henny, so Annie, Max, and droves of club members come to the rescue. Bubbling with energy, good humor, hearty appetite, and affection, Annie saves the island village from murderous deceit. Bouncy prose, nifty characters, and frequent references to other mysteries makes this “heartily” recommended for series fans.

Interesting mystery book.

Kondisi buku: bekas, cukup baik, disampul plastik

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